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The Process



Knife Doctor sharpens using traditional whetstones, shaping the blade geometry to re-form the knife bevel.



Finish the sharpening process with a honing rod and strop if necessary to refine and perfect the edge.



Get a blissfully sharp edge. Effortlessly fly through your vegetable prep. Glide smoothly through meat and fish. Cleanly and precisely chiffonade basil.

Pricing & Services

* Knife Doctor reserves the right to ask for proof of a Food Handler Card/ID.


  • Limit 5 knives per person per visit.
  • Knife Doctor reserves the right to refuse service.
  • Knife Doctor only sharpens kitchen knives.
  • Sharpening performed to a “working level” of sharpness, which is sharp enough to slice 20 lb printer paper.
  • Customer items that are not picked up within 3 months of the scheduled pickup date shall be considered as forfeited.

Accepted Payment Types

Square payment types

Pricing & Services

Basic sharpening, double bevel

This service reshapes the cutting edge of the knife to restore its cutting abilities. A badly worn knife edge may require substantial time on the whetstone. This service sharpens to an angle of 14º – 16º (degrees per side). The edge is finished to 1000 grit to 5000 grit, depending on use case of the knife.

Basic sharpening, single bevel

This service reshapes the cutting edge of the knife to restore its cutting abilities. This process includes removing material above the shinogi line in order to maintain the cross-sectional geometry of the knife. The final bevel is finished to 1000 grit to 5000 grit, depending on use case of the knife.

Chip repair, double bevel

This service reshapes the cutting edge of the knife to remove chipped portion(s) of the cutting edge. Larger chips require removing more of the knife profile. Note that, in order to maintain the profile of the knife, removing chips involves removing material along the entire edge of the knife.

Repair broken tip

This process abrades away knife material to create a new tip geometry from the remaining metal of the knife. Depending on the severity of the damage to the knife, a broken tip may not be able to be repaired.


Honing refines the cutting edge of the knife by passing it over a steel/ceramic honing rod. This process is typically used to maintain an edge that is already sharp. Honing is not a substitute for periodic whetstone sharpening.


This service is not performed by Knife Doctor. This process reshapes the cross-sectional profile to create a more acute bevel angle.

Sharpening, serrated blades

This service is not performed by Knife Doctor.


Unless otherwise noted, all services are performed manually using a whetstone.

Double bevel

This describes a blade where both sides of the knife taper to an edge. The majority of kitchen knives are double bevel

Single bevel

This describes a blade where only one side of the knife tapers to an edge. The other side is flat. Typically, only certain special-purpose or traditional Japanese blades are this style.

Whetstone sharpening

This is the process of using purpose-built abrasive stone(s) to remove material to reshape knife geometry.


A method used to further refine an edge to even higher levels of sharpness beyond the whetstone and the honing rod.

About the Knife Doctor

Gary is the head knife sharpener for Knife Doctor. He is an engineer with culinary experience as a professional cook in a commercial kitchen. While leveling up his knife skills in the kitchen, he gained valuable insight into the crucial role of various styles and designs of kitchen knives. While sharpening his own knives, and then the knives of friends and family, he discovered a new passion. Thus, Knife Doctor was born.


The kitchen knife is a ubiquitous workhorse in any kitchen – residential and commercial, and it deserves maintenance to keep it operating effectively. With his engineering background, Gary applies meticulous precision to his work when sharpening knives. With his culinary background, Gary knows how a blade needs to perform in the heat of the kitchen – and what truly sharp means.


If your knives work full time, they should see the Knife Doctor regularly!

Liability Statement

Knife Doctor is committed to providing professional knife sharpening services. However, it’s important for our customers to understand the scope and limitations of our responsibility:

  • Cosmetic Changes: While Knife Doctor takes utmost care with customers’ knives, Knife Doctor takes no responsibility for cosmetic changes to the knife that may occur during the sharpening process.
  • Loss or Theft: Knife Doctor does not cover any loss or theft that may occur while the knife is in my possession.
  • No Association: Knife Doctor is not associated with any other business entity. Our services are independent and separate from any other brands or companies.
  • Knife Doctor does not perform medical services.
  • Knife Doctor does not provide medical advice.

Please review this liability statement carefully and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. By using our services, you agree to these terms and conditions.


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